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Mid-June Shasta Paddlers Going Strong

Joe Arbuckle - Wednesday, June 18, 2014
The last couple of weeks have been filled with new experiences for our newest members of Shasta Paddlers.  From learning what to look for in a kayak and basic strokes to efficiently make the kayak move forward and prevent a capsize. Others experienced the energy of the surf at Crescent City.  A group of six new paddlers experienced the Sacramento River and finally we all were able to have our first honeymoon paddle!  

On June 4th an enthusiastic group of kayakers invaded Oak Bottom at Whiskeytown Lake for the the Eddyline Kayak demonstration with Ethan Ebersold.  From 5:30-6:30 Ethan shared with us what to look for as we were "driving" the test drive. He explained what to look for in the kayaks as we tested them on the water. Everything from fit and what to look for in the perfomance of the kayak. It was very informative.





From 6:30 to 7:30 Ethan gave us a lesson on the forward stroke.  This was very informative. Most people are under the impression that when performing a forward stroke that it is not the arms that do all the work to make the kayak move, it is the torso.  The arms place the paddle in the water but rotating the torso make the kayak move forward.  Another thing that Ethan showed us was bracing. Bracing is a technique used to help prevent a capsize. When done correctly one is less likely to end up flipping over in their kayak.   Ethan did a great job!
The next one is June 26th. Call Terri at the shop at 223-2411 to reserve your spot! Space is limited!

On June 6th a small contingent from Shasta Paddlers converged on South Beach in Crescent City for some fun in the surf. There were thrills and chills!
The weather was perfect with temperatures in the 70's and the surf created perfect conditions for those of the group who were experiencing the surf for the first time.  One new paddler explained that he had "watched many videos and read articles on the fundamentals of surfing a kayak to obtain the goal of paddling through the breakers to turn and surf the waves back in." What he learned was the "knowledge that he needed could not be found until he engaged the waves." This paddler had an "amazing time reporting that the kayaking conditions were perfect for learning how to paddle in the surf zone and his fellow Shasta paddlers were perfect coaches and campers. This adventure was highly recommended to others."

On June 10th twelve paddlers set off from posse grounds to explore the fun of the Sacramento River.  Six of the paddlers were brand new to paddling the river.  Before we started we had a safety talk. There were six safety boaters so each new paddler was able to have one safety boater with them.  Five of the new paddlers were able to watch a simple rescue in progress. What was learned is that you should never argue with a safety boater it makes the rescue take longer than it should and puts everyone including the safety boaters at risk.  Like I said the resue was simple and no one was in jeopardy of harming themselves. We continued down the river through two more rapids with no more rescues and everyone had smiles on their faces at the end of the six miles.

Paddling is more than just sitting or standing on a vessel and making it move.  Proper technique is needed to be efficient with the strokes and to prevent injury.  It is also about learning how to paddle in the conditions that are presented.  This includes flat water, the ocean and swift water like the Sacramento River.  Learning proper paddling techniques build confidence and makes for a very fun and enjoyable time on the water.
If interested in lessons please call the shop to schedule lessons at 223-2411.

Upcoming Events:

Our River sections will continue every Tuesday we will meet at the take out and shuttle up to the put in.  Tonight  we meet at Anderson River Park and shuttle up to Bonneyview boat ramp.

Friday continues our social paddle. We meet at 5:30 at Oak Bottom and explore Whiskeytown Lake.

Thursday June 26th is the Eddyline Kayak Clinic at Oak Bottom. Call the shop at 223-2411.




On July 11-13th is Our Annual Camp Arbuckle.

This year there will be a $15.00 for the whole event including the cost of the film festival on Saturday. Friday will be the Whiskeytown Lake Paddle at 11:00 am followed by a BBQ at the Headwaters Adventure Company at 930 Merchant St.  After the BBQ we will care a van to the Arbuckle property to camp.

Saturday we will head to Lake Britton to paddle and get to see some really cool wildlife.  After lunch we will head to Burney Theater for the Reel Paddling Film Festival this is a compilation of some of the best paddling films of the year.  Afterwards we will head back to the Arbuckle's for a wonderful BBQ by their son Jake.


Our next Paddlers Meeting is next Tuesday the 24th at the shop at 7p.m.

Anonymous commented on 25-Jun-2014 08:03 AM
I like this news letter!! Easy to view and informative. Great job Tiffany!

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