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Join the Shasta Paddlers!

Shasta Paddlers is a collection of paddlers of all abilities that explore regional waters and have fun! We provide support and encouragement and introduce people to the paddling lifestyle.  We invite all types of paddlers from the touring kayaker, fishing kayakers, whitewater kayakers and stand up paddle boarders.  Our goal is to take the fear factor out of paddling and make it fun!

Shasta Paddlers enjoy watching the joy people get on the lake, playing in the surf, catching that next big fish, or running a rapid! Please join us for our events we have planned this summer.  Events will be posted here regularly twice a month as well as a recap of past events. If you have questions please contact us here.

Shasta Paddlers Blog Posts-

Instructor IDW

Wednesday, October 05, 2016
I and many others from Shasta Paddlers, an ACA paddle club, headed to Trinidad on Friday September 23rd for a full weekend of Instructor Training. We are on the path of getting the ACA Level 2 Instructor Certification, a certification that will allow us to teach Level 1 and 2 Intro to Kayaking classes. These classes go over basic paddling strokes and an intro to self-rescues and other types of rescues to help other get into their kayaks while on the water.  ..

Heroes on the Water

Saturday, May 02, 2015
Friday, May 1st I was able to assist, along with Headwaters Adventure Company and many other volunteers, the first of many Heroes on the Water events for the Northern California area. I'll start off by giving a brief description of HOW (Heroes on the Water). Founded in 2007, HOW helps our wounded warriors to recover from the stress of combat and the recovery process that is involved with protecting our nation. I believe very strongly in giving back to the people that serve our great country and this is a way that I believe i ..

New Year! New Adventures

Monday, December 29, 2014
New Year! Means New Adventures! Here at #Headwaters Adventure Company we have created new programs, classes and adventures for you! For those of you that have always wanted to fish from one of the popular Hobie Angler Kayaks we will be holding regular #Hobie First Cast Programs. The Hobie First Cast Program will be led Bryan and Ben two of our #Hobie and #Headwaters Adventure Fishing Team members. Spend half a day with them learning how to fish from the Hobie Angler and you will come away with fish on your line!  ..

Fun on the Trail with Headwaters Adventure Company and Shasta Paddlers

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
On October 12th, Headwaters Adventure Company and Shasta Paddlers participated in Family Trail Day at Lake Redding Park in Redding, CA. Family Trail Day was a great way to introduce the many ways one could have fun on the river trail and on the Sacramento River! The weather was perfect for this event. There was music, food, activities for biking and skateboarding enthusiasts. For those interested in water-sports there was rolling, on water yoga and fishing demonstrations by members of Shasta Paddlers, Headwaters Adventure Company an ..

The Catch

Friday, October 03, 2014
Article by: Jessica Bowlby Beginners. At anything, being a beginner is a catch 22. Whether it's soccer, gymnastics, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, or skate boarding, being a beginner is hard. For some it's great because they have a natural talent for which ever activity they pursue. For others, it's exciting because it's a new, fun thing that they are trying. It's also very troubling because they have to develop a whole new skill set and avoid bad habits. I follow under the “for others” category.  ..

Albion Ocean Adventure!

Monday, September 15, 2014
Albion Ocean Adventure! Our first annual Albion Ocean Adventure did not disappoint our participants! The conditions were perfect! The air temperature was in the mid 60's all weekend. Albion River Campground and Marina was the ideal venue. The put in was within walking distance of the campsites. Then it was a short paddle out to the bay or if it was timed right a gentle ride with the tide up river! Albion River Campground and Marina; photo courtesy of Mark Boyd Tiffney Ottoboni, with Headwaters Adventure ..

Stand-Up Paddleboards and Yoga. A Great Pair

Monday, August 11, 2014
One of the best sports I have ever done is yoga. It is so beneficial for the mind, body and spirit in every way. I have found it to be even better on water. I have only had a few experiences with SUP yoga and I have already learned so much about it and myself. Being on the water makes balance poses and moving around to different poses difficult. I have already found that doing SUP yoga in open water, as a beginner, is more difficult than near a beach at the lake in a “no wake” zone. The first day I did SUP yoga I was at Brandy C ..

Favorite Paddling Destinations

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
This week I would like to hear from paddlers on what their favorite paddling destinations are. It can be a specific place or a type of water. California has beautiful lakes, rivers for all skill levels and the ocean. I love the silent glide on a glassy lake. My favorite lake has been Tahoe. With its gradient blues and milliondollar homes lakeside it is surreal. Closer to home I enjoy my weekly paddles on Whiskeytown Lake. The quite glide into Boulder Creek and just sitting between the rocks as the water flows over them is peaceful ..

How Does Paddling Look So Easy?

Thursday, July 03, 2014
Ever wonder how paddlers make their strokes look so effortless? How do paddlers know when to use a brace to prevent a capsize? Muscle memory and seat time are part of what make the strokes look so graceful and it can prevent a capsize. Muscle memory and seat time are two common phrases used in the paddling community. Muscle memory is also known as motor learning. This is teaching your muscles how to repeat certain movements or techniques over and over again. In a recent event Terri Arbuckle was able to use muscle memory for the for ..

Mid-June Shasta Paddlers Going Strong

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
The last couple of weeks have been filled with new experiences for our newest members of Shasta Paddlers. From learning what to look for in a kayak and basic strokes to efficiently make the kayak move forward and prevent a capsize. Others experienced the energy of the surf at Crescent City. A group of six new paddlers experienced the Sacramento River and finally we all were able to have our first honeymoon paddle! On June 4th an enthusiastic group of kayakers invaded Oak Bottom at Whiskeytown Lake for the the Eddyline Kayak demons ..

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