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Stand-Up Paddleboards and Yoga. A Great Pair

Tiffney Ottoboni - Monday, August 11, 2014

One of the best sports I have ever done is yoga. It is so beneficial for the mind, body and spirit in every way. I have found it to be even better on water. I have only had a few experiences with SUP yoga and I have already learned so much about it and myself. Being on the water makes balance poses and moving around to different poses difficult. I have already found that doing SUP yoga in open water, as a beginner, is more difficult than near a beach at the lake in a “no wake” zone. The first day I did SUP yoga I was at Brandy Creek in waters unaffected by wakes from speed boats and such. That day the only thing keeping me from moving from one pose to another with grace was the lack of core and thigh muscles. Other than that, yoga on a paddle board was a breeze. The last two experiences I have had were not as easy as the first.

Open water is difficult, especially without an anchor, because I am at the whim of the current of the lake and the wakes made by boats passing by. Being in conditions like this is not beneficial for balance whatsoever. If I didn’t fall from losing my balance, I was having a hard time even beginning to do a pose on the board. From these difficulties I have learned a great deal about myself and the sport itself.

As far as SUP yoga goes, for beginners, it would be wise to start near beaches when at the lake. It is less difficult to do certain balance poses. Calmer waters helps with smooth transitions between poses and gives me more time to focus on the body and placement of feet and hands during yoga. I learned that patience is needed, especially since I am a beginner. I need to focus on technique and slow down. I tried open water  to see what the difference was. Now I’m going to take it back to the beach and slowly build up the core and thigh strength necessary to hold myself up on the board in all water conditions.  

I’m really excited I learned about SUP yoga. It is a fantastic way to be able to enjoy my time on the water and test myself as far as yoga goes. I can’t wait to gain the strength and balance needed to do yoga on open water and eventually the ocean.


Article by: Jessica Bowlby

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