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Shipping Terms & Conditions


We use multiple shipping methods including USPS, UPS, and FedEx, please see below for services used:

  • Ground 5-7 Days
  • Priority 2-3 Days
  • Kayaks can approximately take 2-6 weeks from date of shipment depending on location. 
  • We only ship within the continental United States

We regularly schedule kayak shipments on a monthly basis, with frequency contingent on the volume of orders received. Following your purchase, we will maintain communication with you throughout the shipping process, providing timely updates on the location and status of your kayak within our logistical framework. Once the kayaks have been dispatched to the cross-dock facility of our chosen freight provider, delivery times of approximately 2-6 weeks can be expected and cannot guarantee an exact delivery date. In the interest of transparency, we will furnish you with a tracking code and real-time notifications regarding the whereabouts and estimated delivery window of your kayak. For more information about kayak shipments please email: justin@headwatersadventure.com.

If you reside in a rural region where shipping expenses are exorbitant, we will make an effort to arrange delivery of the kayak to the nearest cross-dock facility in your vicinity. In such a situation, we will promptly contact you to initiate a discussion about the available alternatives. If shipping to your location is too costly we reserve the right to cancel the order and will refund you in the full amount.  

Upon receipt of your kayak, we kindly request a thorough inspection within 24 hours of delivery. Should any visual damages be noted, please use this link to report damage and make a claim: Damage Claim. If you neglect to inspect the kayak within 24 hours, any subsequent identification of damages absolves us of liability, rendering returns and refunds ineligible for acceptance.